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  • Zestaw AGD Carmen z Pralką Żelazko 47939

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Cena przesyłki 15.9
Kurier DPD L 15.9
DPD Kurier za Pobraniem 20.9
Dostępność 33 szt.
Waga 4 kg

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The Carmen set with accessories is a highly professional set for every toddler who likes to help parents during their daily duties. The child's design and colors of the set will make the set very helpful when teaching the child to perform household duties independently. Thanks to it, you can easily combine pleasant fun with useful task, which will certainly bear fruit in the future. The great advantage of the set are amazing accessories, which are a faithful copy of their full-size patterns. The child can feel independent and mature, working together with other household members.

The kit includes:

-Panel in which the washing machine is installed



- Dryer for laundry

-four paper clips

The toy is made of solid and durable material that guarantees long life and comfort of use. It has an aesthetic finish, which, in combination with colorful colors and streamlined shapes, will ensure great and, above all, safe fun for every child. The set has a lot of interesting elements. The door in the washing machine opens and the drum in which the imitation clothes are placed rotates. The washing machine also has function buttons, each of them is responsible for a different washing program. At the top there is a place for ironing with an iron, and at the back, on the strings, we can hang the laundry and fasten it with the clips attached to the set.

To start the washing machine, you need to insert 3 R14 (C) 1.5V batteries (not included) in it.

Kit Dimensions:

45cm x 41cm 31cm

Size of the package:

47cm x 33cm x 29cm

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